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Ordering Information

Order Information
Thank you for your interest and support of I am… Jessica Pettitt. Here are details about the ordering process.

Since shipments are now handled off site, my dogs Zoey and Leo have retired from their shipping duties.

If you have bulk orders, questions, or need special shipping, please contact us at hellothere@jessicapettitt.com. My assistant will get back to you right away - she's much better at checking messages than Zoey and Leo.

For Contracting Services Specifically

Please contact us at 917-543-0966 or engage@goodenoughnow.com.

Your Order Helps Others
10% of all proceeds from Notice Notes will go to SJTI to support their scholarship fund.

5% of all profits of I am... Social Justice will be given to Kiva.org through microfinancing loans to help business owners around the world turn a profit of their own.

Profits from the Social Justice and LGBT Workshop Facilitation Guide Bundles go directly to help students, staff, and faculty that need funding to travel, attend, eat, and sleep at conferences. If you are interested in appying for funding contact Jessica directly at 917-543-0966.

Gandhi believed that in order to make change, one must respect the rules that are in place long enough to change them. Here's to the rules of capitalism working towards equity for all.

How This All Works

Discounts are available for bulk orders of Notice Notes. Please contact my assistant at hellothere@jessicapettitt.com. Notice Notes are $8 a copy for bulk orders and this includes shipping and handling.

Our store will lead you to Amazon.com for ordering individual copies of Notice Notes. Please know that we do this to keep prices as low as possible while also giving you the highest quality of product for your budget.

Consumer Information

Just in case you were wondering, we don't give your contact information to any third party nor do we automatically add you to my newsletter subscription list. You have to do that yourself. :) (Scroll down to sign up!) You will never received unsolicited spam from us — that is why we keep the dogs around — no spam to be found here.

Return Information
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will work with you to resolve the situation as best as possible.

If products are received undamaged and/or a complaint is not filed within 2 days of receipt, there will be no exchanges.

Leo and ZoeyBonus!

I am asked all the time how others can help. If you wanna help, please leave a review here and on Amazon for the products that you like, or email a testimonial to me directly. I can use these to refresh my website and they just generally make me feel like my efforts matter.